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Can YOU tell the wig from natural hair? FEMAIL tests out ultra-modern hairpieces that claim to be so realistic you won't be able to spot the difference

  • False hair is estimated to become a billion-pound global industry by 2023

  • Socialite Paris Hilton, 38, revealed she owns over 800 wigs of varying colours 

  • FEMAIL challenged hair specialists to overhaul three volunteers looks with wigs

Carl Bembridge's advice for buying a wig:' It depends on your price range. Human hair wigs can be expensive but you can always opt instead for synthetic or fibre hair wigs. It depends on if you want the wig just for fun, a natural look or for a night out. 

'If you want a more natural look then you want human hair. You should try different ones on. If you want it for fun or a change of colour, fibre wigs are great. 

'I feel like wigs used to look wiggy and were frowned upon, but now there's so many talented people, techniques and brands around. You'd be surprised to find out whose wearing them. I got into wigs because I loved the fact that you could go from black to blonde or short to long without it looking like a wig. 

'I've been hairdressing for 13 years and styling wigs for around three to four. Kylie Jenner and Cardie B's wig maker, Tokyo Stylez came to the UK and I did a masterclass with him and ever since then I've been making hair headlines with my celebrity clients. There's been an increase in people wearing wigs because you get the wow factor and it's another part of your outfit. We all love a new lipstick or dress, it's a new hair and another accessory.'

Carl Bembridge: 'For Hayley I wanted to show contrast because she's got naturally blonde hair. I went for a nice brown just to show that you can change your look with a wig. 

'It makes you look so different, when going from short to long or blonde to brown. I wanted to show a change in colour can be a quick and easy way to change up your look. 

Hayleys verdict on Carl Bembridge's wig: 'I think I have an unusually large head for a woman, and a rather large mane to fit underneath it, so having not had a proper fitting which I know is a service Carl provides, the wig felt a little snug, as if it was pulling back from my hairline.

'I thought the parting looked very realistic, and it was fun to see myself with dark hair, having never been brave enough to go brunette. The hair itself was nicely styled, though I struggled to adapt to seeing myself without a fringe!

'There was certainly a lot of hair in this wig – it came right down to my hips – so I’m not sure I’d go for this for an everyday look as I feel it would have looked more realistic and been more manageable if it was a little shorter. I also wasn’t as keen on the lighter low-lights.'