You can use the Topaz wig to create a balanced appearance all around the head. You can get your shoulders to be accentuated thanks to how the wig curves at the shoulders to create a beautiful design that is relatively even.

You can also use this wig to create a parting that is made to work with a bit of close space near your eyes. You should get this wig if you want to find something that is made to be comfortable.

EVA by sleek

Look your best with the Eva red wig. You can enjoy your appearance by creating a little bit of an extra amount of attention to your hair with this unique wig. It allows you to look more seductive and sensual thanks to the wavy and sleek design that comes with the wig.

It should give you the confidence that you need when it comes to heading out for any kind of public event of interest.

GABRIELLE by sleek

The Gabrielle Wig by sleek gives you that special look that says I am a professional Woman This will give you a beautiful head of hair that is sleek and straight while offering a useful part that can be easily found over the left eye.

You’ll definitely feel seductive and attractive while making it a little easier for anyone to notice who you are.


The Romay hairstyle allows you to have a brilliant look that is made to give you an appearance that allows you to have a design that is nice and useful for anything that works for your outfit .

You can use this to add details to your out fit while also giving you a little bit of detail to your face thanks to the bangs. It gives you the confident and noticeable appearance that you want to get out of your hair.


You can keep your body looking beautiful for formal events with the Jessie medium-length wig. It is a brilliant wig that features a random series of curves that are made to go to the shoulders.

It is a handsome look that gives you a nice design that will allow you to showcase your body well by framing your shoulders. It lets you feel better about more than just your face. It also gives you that framing look you need.


The Nia wig is a short hair wig that gives you a contoured facial appearance that allows you to have a better look to your profile all around. It can create a nice appearance that features an appropriate bang over the forehead and some curves that accentuate your cheek lines.

You could even look slimmer when you wear this wig. It makes you feel more confident about your appearance thanks to these valuable and useful features

Estelle wig

The short hair Estelle wig has a look that blends in well with your natural head shape. It uses a simple arrangement that lets you be a little easier to notice thanks to the part that goes over the left part of the forehead. It particularly lets you stand out.

You can certainly feel your best when you use this attractive wig for anything you want out of it.


Fancy public events during the nighttime call for attractive and easily noticeable but natural hairstyle. You can use the Macy wig to create such a beautiful appearance. You can get a beautiful look that is not too long and can include just the right amount of bangs over the forehead.

It makes for an attractive design that blends in well with your appearance and can make you look younger as you are wearing this unique beautiful black wig.


The Amma wig will give you the look that you should use for any formal event. This short hair wig allows you to have an even appearance that works with a nice part in the middle. It lets you keep your face looking consistent while giving you a beautiful arrangement to let you feel comfortable.

You can even feel as though you’ve got a more consistent appearance in your body thanks to the synthetic black color on the wig.

HALLE by sleek

You’ll love the beautiful and controlled appearance that you will get with the Halle Wig by sleek. This wig creates a calm design that you can use for business and social event purposes with a brilliant dark color of the wig and bangs that move directly on one side.

You will certainly feel fantastic with this style. Thanks to sleek wigs you will be getting a design that you can easily handle while also allowing you to stand out from the rest of the pack.